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Through extensive client consultation and preliminary input, Perlane provides economical designs for a wide mix of buildings based on the client’s budget. We have extensive experience in helping to engineer out costs while providing value-added design that is at once functional and appealing. The company utilizes state-of-the-art construction technology and the most modern design elements and material.

Perlane manages all aspects of the construction project for our clients based upon a pre-approved working schedule.  Our entrepreneurial operating philosophy enables us to make on-site design changes, avoiding bureaucratic and often costly delays in the process.

Another aspect of our business which some of our clients have found useful has been the design/ build to lease another option to our clients.

Perlane will purchase a desired location, design and build a building to the clients specification and lease back the building for an agreed upon amount, on a turnkey basis.

Either way Perlane prides itself on giving our clientele as many different options as they may require.


Commercial projects account for the bulk of the construction work performed by Perlane. These projects include both office and retail buildings, as well as mixed-use facilities. In today’s highly competitive environment, buildings that offer flexible, multi-use space that is attractive to both tenants and customers. We provide our clients with proven experience in the selection of interior and exterior furnishing, including colour schematics and material selection.


Perlane provides quality construction management in the highly-regulated and highly-specialized field of medical buildings, including doctor offices, x-ray facilities, laboratories, pharmacies and rehabilitation clinics. We count among our major clients, two of the largest medical service providers in the country.


Your corporate feel and appearance are important aspects when trying to attract new business or service your existing clientele.
Be it providing a new look to an existing building, or finishing new office space, Perlane can provide you with visionary design and practical work flow while working with materials that fit in your budget.

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